Molecular Biology/Molecular Genetics Core

The primary objective of the Molecular Biology Molecular Genetics Core is to assist investigators in applying the tools and technologies of molecular genetics and genomics to elucidate the molecular-genetic bases of obesity and its comorbidities.


  • We provide consultation on study design, analysis, and applicable molecular biological techniques (RNAseq, WES, copy number arrays, etc.);
  • We provide standard laboratory services to young investigators and those without formal labs for studies related to obesity (examples are DNA, RNA, and protein isolation, qPCR, genotyping, directed sequencing etc.);
  • We develop and make available new cutting edge research tools and reagents (CRISPR cas9, IPSc, stem cell differentiation into specific cell types, transgenic mice).



  • Claudia Doege, MD

    • Core Scientist
  • Dieter Egli, PhD

    • Core Scientist
  • Charles LeDuc, PhD

    • Core Scientist
  • Rudolph L. Leibel, MD

    • PI of the NYONRC
  • Richard Rausch

    • Core Technician

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